m-tech gmbh

Forchtenberg, DE-74670, Germany

Tel: +49 7947 939-0

m-tech gmbh

Premium quality filling systems for cylinders produced by m-tech are successfully in use in more than 50 countries. All our systems have been designed to meet and exceed customers’ requirements for service pressures up to 600 bar.

Our innovative production concept guarantees highest safety for oxygen service as standard in industrial, medical and specialty gas applications.
Valves and fittings of MPG series have been inspected and approved by BAM, CTE and TÜV.

No matter where you install our products, our service takes care on a worldwide basis.

You define the requirements – in close cooperation, we work out your best solution.

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  • Teslastr. 6
  • Forchtenberg, DE-74670
  • Germany