Hangzhou Zhongtai Cryogenic Technology Corporation

Fuyang, Hangzhou, 311402, China

Tel: (86) 571 58836607

Hangzhou Zhongtai Cryogenic Technology Corporation

We serve
Cryogenic separation, purification and liquefaction of industrial gas applied in natural gas, coal chemical industry, petroleum refining and chemical industry, coal bed gas, air separation, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and helium etc.

We are specialized in
Cryogenic + separation

Our products:

Cryogenic solution:
LNG, LPG&NGL, ASU, H2-CO, PDH, syngas purification
Cold box: LNG/LPC cold box, ethylene cold box, ASU cold box, PDH cold box, MTO/MTP cold box , Helium extraction cold box, Hydrogen liquefaction cold box
Heat exchanger: Brazed aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger
Column & tower: cryogenic columns

Business Details
  • No. 228 Golf Road
  • Dongzhou District
  • Fuyang, Hangzhou, 311402
  • China