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Linde Cryoplants Ltd

Extensive Modular Cryogenic Solutions

Linde CryoPlants is a leading supplier of modular cryogenic air separation plants.  Our containerised, award-winning modular plants are built on proven Linde technologies, designed for ease of transport and rapid installation, fully backed by our worldwide customer support team. 

Over the past 140 years, Linde Group has successfully delivered more than 4,000 plant engineering projects around the globe, of which 250 have been installed by Linde Cryoplants.  We pride ourselves on our long-standing business relationships, which have been built on trust and integrity.

Linde Cryoplants’ proven expertise plays an indispensable role in the success of our customers’ business across far reaching industries – from natural gas and oil refining through petrochemicals and fertilisers to electronics and metal processing.

Extensive Capabilities
From the desert to the Arctic, from small- to world-scale, from standardised to customised designs, Linde CryoPlants designs and manufactures solutions across many industries that operate under all conditions and for all applications:

Oil & Gas / Petrochemicals / LNG  – nitrogen is used for blanketing storage tanks & purging pipelines.
Electronics / Semi-conductors – nitrogen is used in the production of semi-conductors to provide an inert atmosphere.
Fertiliser  – nitrogen is used in the production of ammonia and fertiliser.
Metals – nitrogen is used in the production of steels to prevent oxidation.
Glass – nitrogen is used in the production of float glass to provide an inert atmosphere.
Food Nitrogen is used in both gaseous and liquid form for transportation & freezing foods.
Research Facilities & Animal Husbandry -liquid nitrogen used in the storage of animal semen.
Medical -liquid oxygen is stored for use in hospitals & medical centres.

With a proven track record across EMEA countries, our solutions cover every step in the design, manufacturing, project management and construction of gas processing plants and components. Our plants are tested on site to the highest standards.

Operational Excellence
Linde CryoPlants is renowned worldwide for providing customers with first-class service and full support, covering every step in the design, project management and construction of cryogenic air separation plants and components.

From the very beginning of the journey, we work closely with our customers to gain an in-depth understanding of individual needs, to ensure we offer innovative process technologies and services to exceed expectations. This commitment extends along the entire plant lifecycle to enhance productivity and innovate process flows.

Our specialist service team supports customers every step of the way – from operational maintenance and repairs to full revamps, from on-site and remote technical support and training, we consistently take asset performance to the next level.

Linde is a partner our customers can trust to deliver anywhere in the world, offering peace of mind, day and night.

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  • United Kingdom
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