Cryomec LLC

Kiev, 01601, Ukraine

Tel:  +380 44 507 1 777;  +380 44 507 11 77

Cryomec LLC

Cryomec LLC is the original developer and manufacturer of cryogenic pumps and spare parts, CRYOMEC valves. Cryogenic pumps CRYOMADE operate in many countries.  Our pumps are  reliable, efficient, economical and easy to install.

Cryogenic pumps CRYOMADE are used for pumping liquefied technical gases at cryogenic temperatures down to minus 196 degrees Celsius, LOX, LIN, LAr, LNG.

Our company provides service and maintenance of pumps CRYOMADE, CRYOMEC, Cryostar, ACD, Fives, SEFCO.

Cryomec engineers are certified and trained, confirmed by certificates. Our clients are Air Liquide, ISD, METINVEST, Hangyang and many other well-known companies.

Cryomec LLC sells cryogenic pumps of various models,  provides repair, commissioning and maintenance services cryogenic pumps.

Business Details
  • "PARUS” Business Center
  • 2 Mechnikova Street
  • 13th Floor
  • Kiev, 01601
  • Ukraine