Muller Gas Equipment A/S

Vollerup, 6400, Denmark

Tel: +45 73 42 12 12

Muller Gas Equipment A/S

Müller Gas Equipment A/S develops and manufactures Medical Gas Valves, Technical Gas Valves, Carbon Dioxide Valves, VIPR solutions, Fire Extinguishing Valves, Refrigeration Valves, Line valves and Fill Connectors. Further we develop and manufacture Pressure Regulators and safety devices for LPG cylinders and installations. High flow regulators for laser cutting and purging applications. We also have an extensive product range for natural gas installations.

We have a broad range of accessories e.g. Pigtails, Multi Cylinder Pack Manifolds, Dip Tubes, Swivel Connectors, Bursting Discs T and L pieces etc.


– In control of the entire manufacturing process from brass bar until finished product

· Raw materials are sourced from reliable European suppliers

· All valves are type approved to the highest standard at BAM – PI 0589 (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing – in Berlin, Germany)

· Manufacturing equipment is state of the art

· All valves are 100 % quality tested

· 90 years of proven experience

· Supplier to all major gas companies world-wide

· Innovative best in class VIPR solutions

· Certified to ISO 9001

· Largest cylinder valve manufacturer in Scandinavia

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Business Details
  • Mommarkvej 7-11
  • Vollerup, 6400
  • Denmark