Lehigh Equipment Co

Burlington, Kentucky, 41005, United States

Tel: +1 859 586 9124

Lehigh Equipment Co

Trusted by thousands of customers, Lehigh Equipment Company has been distributing and advising the sale of industrial gas storage tanks, liquid cryogenic storage tanks, industrial gas transports, liquid cryogenic transports, portable industrial gas storage tanks, portable cryogenic storage tanks, vaporizers, pumps, production plants, tubes, and tube trailers – for over 19 years. The Lehigh equipment specialists are here to advise you on your liquid cryogenic and industrial gas equipment needs.

“We strive to achieve a level of service, and an experience, that customers have never encountered in the industry before. We focus on what matters: support, functionality, reliability, and most importantly, safety. We devote the amount of time and energy needed to ensure our products are in line with the mountainous Lehigh standards.” – Lehigh’s mission

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  • 5545 Regal Ridge Drive
  • Burlington, Kentucky, 41005
  • United States
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