KIN-TEK Analytical, Inc.

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KIN-TEK Analytical, Inc.

KIN-TEK Analytical, Inc. (KIN-TEK) is a preferred provider of devices and instrumentation used for creating trace concentration calibration gas standards and complex gas mixtures. KIN-TEK revolutionized permeation tube technology and further developed it to produce Trace Source™ Disposable and Reliable Permeation Tubes.

KIN-TEK developed Trace Source™ Disposable and Refillable Permeation Tubes to emit an accurate (nanoliters/minute), steady flow of the trace component compound. KIN-TEK provides permeation tubes for over 550 NIST traceable chemical compounds, including toxic air pollutants, VOC’s, acid gases, amines, sulfurs, and hydrides.

KIN-TEK’s Trace Source™ Permeation Tube technology is employed in KIN-TEK’s Gas Standard Generators to provide accurate, on-demand calibration standards. KIN-TEK’s products include a range of gas standard generators, accompanying modules and permeation devices.

  • FlexStream™ — Fully automated and expandable Gas Standard Generator System for precision calibration gas mixtures.
  • 491Flex™ — Manually operated and expandable Gas Standard Generator System for precision calibration gas mixtures.
  • EcoFlex™ — Simplified stand-alone Gas Standard Generator System for trace concentration gas mixtures.
  • CO395Flex™ — Stand-alone Certification Oven used to maintain permeation tubes in a constant equilibrated state ready for immediate use.
  • Span Pac™ H2O — Calibrator for trace moisture monitors designed to exclude atmospheric moisture and deliver trace quantities of H2O.
  • Span Pac™ I — Industrial Gas Standard Generator for on-line process analyzers and continuous emissions monitors.
  • FlexMixer™ Multi-Gas Blending System – Multi-Gas Blending/Diluting System generates multi-point gas standards for analyzer calibration, fills test volumes for research purposes, or dilutes select gas sources.

Individual gas generator modules can be operated as stand-alone calibrators or be combined into a Gas Standard Generator System configured to solve the most complex applications.

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