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Houston Plating & Coatings, LLC

Houston Plating & Coatings has provided corrosion and wear protection services to equipment manufacturers in several different industries for over 33 years.

HP&C’s patent pending Ni-side process was designed to provide a thin, uniform nickel plating inside high pressure gas cylinders and other equipment used for storage and transportation of industrial gases. The nickel plating provides a barrier between the carbon steel and the gas, which prevents degradation of the gas. The uniform nickel plating also facilitates moisture removal prior to filling. We have no reservations as to the quality of the plating and HP&C’s high-phosphorus chemical solution providing maximum corrosion protection.

A nickel plated cylinder is substantially cheaper than either a stainless steel or nickel cylinder.

HP&C has some of the largest plating tanks in the country and the Ni-side process was designed to plate many cylinders daily, thereby providing a significant number of plated cylinders to the industrial gas industry.

HP&C prides itself in seeking supply chain solutions to industry needs which save time and costs, and looks forward to working with industrial gas industry companies in devising programs that create maximum efficiency. The Ni-side and our standard plating processes can also provide nickel plating to much larger storage and transportation tanks used in the industry. We look forward to working with industrial gas industry companies in exploring different ways that nickel plating can increase the efficiencies of industrial gases.

In addition to nickel plating, HP&C offers its customers a wide array of corrosion and wear protection services including the remarkable SBN-QPQ (salt bath nitriding wear and corrosion protection solution), several different types of phosphate, many different corrosion protection coatings including xylan, Hempel, and many different types of epoxies.

After a thorough review of more than 50 metrics, including sales, growth, quality, investment and personnel policies, HP&C has been recognized by Products Finishing Magazine as one of the best plating companies in the United States.

We look forward to becoming a valued member of the Industrial Gas Industry supply chain.

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