Vanzetti Engineering S.r.l.

Cavallerleone (CN), 12030, Italy

Tel: (+39) 0172 915811

Vanzetti Engineering S.r.l.

Established in 1984, Vanzetti Engineering is the only Italian company active in the design and construction of cryogenic equipment for LNG and air gases.

Thanks to constant growth and practical experience, to the continued updating of the skills and resources, and to the evolution of production systems, Vanzetti Engineering has reached important milestones on its road towards continuous improvement and global success.

Opened in 2015, its new 12 000 m2 plant houses its cryogenic pump and skid production processing departments, and allows for a considerable increase in the company’s production capacity. Today, Vanzetti Engineering is a recognised cryogenic pumps and systems supplier for many major LNG and air gases based projects, and is among the key contributors to the development and success of these industries.

Currently Vanzetti Engineering can offer a complete range of cryogenic pumps and components for the following applications:

  • Fuel systems for low/high-pressure marine engines, bunkering, stripping and spray.
  • LNG/L-CNG refuelling stations.
  • LNG loading/unloading from road trailers and stationary storage tanks.
  • Industrial satellites, back-up and peak-shaving plants, pipeline feeding, power generation.
  • High-pressure air gases LAR, LIN, LOX cylinders filling for different industrial purposes

Modularity, flexibility and simple installation are the main successful features of Vanzetti Engineering cryogenic components.

Business Details
  • Via dei Mestieri 3
  • Cavallerleone (CN), 12030
  • Italy
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