Vacuum Barrier Systems Europe

Tubize, B-1480, Belgium

Tel: +32 2 354 71 77

Vacuum Barrier Systems Europe

As a leading supplier of liquid nitrogen transfer systems since decades, Vacuum Barrier has an in depth knowledge of a number of specialized cryogenic processes.

Today we supply liquid nitrogen injection systems to the food- and beverage industry, closed loop supply systems for semiconductor devices (MBE), piping systems for test handlers and environmental chambers, food freezing tunnels and many other applications. In many areas, we have made it possible for our customers to use liquid nitrogen as easily as ordinary fluids.

Our sales and service activities cover all European countries, Middle East, Africa, India and Russia. Our presence is supported locally by trained professionals.

Business Details
  • Rue de l'atelier 4
  • Tubize, B-1480
  • Belgium