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SOL Group

Founded in Italy in 1927, the SOL Group operates in 30 countries in the production, applied research and marketing of technical, pure and medicinal gases, in the Home Care services sector, in the biotechnologies sector and in the production of energy from renewable sources. 

The main gases produced and distributed are oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, acetylene, nitrous oxide, helium, refrigerant gases, liquid natural gas, high purity and specialty gases, medicinal gases and relevant active ingredient as, for instance, nitric oxide. 

In the industrial sector, the Group supplies compressed, liquefied and cryogenic gases, equipment, systems and services to customers operating in most relevant fields: metallurgy, glass & ceramics, chemistry & pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, oil & gas and services for the environment and transport of goods and people.  

In the healthcare sector SOL supports Hospitals, Clinics, Research Centres, nursing homes providing products and services such as medicinal gases, medical devices, gas distribution systems, electro-medical equipment, sterilisation plants, cryobiological rooms and labs and related services. 

Helium, pure and special gases and their mixtures represent the maximum expression of the quality of the products offered by the SOL Group. SOL bases its experience on scientific and applied research and borrows from it the methodology for the development of new products and services, especially for those dedicated to the areas of use of special gases, where flawless quality is an essential requirement. This implies the need to have the skills and abilities to prepare gases and mixtures in a wide range of purity and precision, up to the highest level of electronic grade. 

Regarding helium, SOL procures this product from the primary global sources to supply both compressed and liquid helium for a broad variety of industrial and medical applications such as welding, heat treatment, leak test, analytical equipment and MRIs for diagnostic & scientific uses. 

SOL is constantly committed to ensuring the quality of its products and services respecting the environment and the health and safety of its partners and employees.  

Through this commitment, the SOL Group has obtained numerous certifications including those pertaining the production of gas standards involved in the environmental monitoring, such as ISO 17025, which refers to the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, and ISO 17034, which certifies the competence of reference material producers. 

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